Friday, September 7, 2012

This Week in 202

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I'm linking up with Kelly at Teaching Fourth and Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics to show some things we've done in class this week. I have to admit right now is not the most exciting unit. We are doing a map packet. I'm new to the team and I was told this is what has always been done the first 6wks. I could think of about 50 other ways to teach it but ehhh why rock the boat. I prefer just going with the flow.

Anywho, the packet covered the basic features of a map this week. We talked about the symbols on a map and how to read them. I've tried to throw a little note booking in with the packet when I could. On this first activity below they had to read the map to find certain cities. Once they found the cities on the map they had to use the legend to read the towns symbol. The symbol told the population of the town. Now, as a disclosure this data is not current. I'm not exactly sure how old it is. I've been told that in the textbook George W. is still governor of this great state of Texas. I explained to them the numbers weren't accurate but they still got the idea of how to read the symbols and legends. In their journal they had to record the city name, draw the symbol next to it, and record the population according to the legend. We are using giant dry erase desk maps. You can see it a little under the notebook.
Today we did a little vocab review. They chose a vocab word we used this week. In the journal they had to design the word, draw a picture, use it in a sentence, write the definition in their own words.
This one below was my favorite and it made me chuckle. He did the word population. His picture shows the welcome sign when you enter a town. "entering middle of nowhere population 100 graves" Ha! I'm so loving fourth grade and their humor :)




  1. Your notebooking ideas are great! Thanks for linking up again this week! I hope to see you next week, too!

    Teaching Fourth

  2. I love your vocabulary notebooks. It really makes the kids use the words in different ways and take ownership. Great idea!

    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers