Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's been a while

Hello sweet friends! I have recipes and cutesy Valentine things I intended to post. But, I logged on and decided I would go a little more into the life side of things. So here what's going on. :)

1. My sweet princess turns 19mos on Tuesday. She is still nursing. We are trying to wean but it's so complicated. She is allergic to dairy milk, soy milk, and almond milk. She didn't have a break out with coconut milk but apparently she doesn't like it much. She likes the almond and soy but it just doesn't like her back. :( It's kinda of hard to wean her from nursing when I don't have an alternative to offer her. So far we only had one day that she did not nurse at all. On average we have it down to once a day. The weekends however are another story. Whenever we are lounging around she's like hey I forgot I could be drinking milk right now. So lesson I learned from this I'm not 100% sure I would ever breastfeed another child. Everyone encourages you to do it for the first 12mos but no one tells you the hell it is weaning if you actually make it that far.

2. I'm having a little trouble balancing all the "jobs" in my life. Ya know wife, mom, teacher, individual, cook, maid. I just can't find a balance and as a result I have pretty much gone bald and have a nice belly to show for it. I decided to try out the Daniel Fast to pray about it more and listen for guidance from the big guy.

3. Mr. Spouse's goal for the new year for himself was to get back into church. So being the supportive wife I am.... I decided to go with him just cause. Well, I'm actually enjoying it and look forward to it. It helps that Pastor Eben is awesome at making self to text connections about the bible. :)

4. All natural... I've also decided to let the relaxer grow out of my hair and go chemical free. We knew from the beginning once we found out we were having a girl that we would not relax her hair ever. Well..I've decided if I'm being the person I want my child to be how would I explain my relaxed hair to her once she's older. I am transitioning to natural hair by wearing a sew in. I would of just chopped off what's left of my own hair but Mr. Spouse begged to go the slower route.

5. More natural... after the fast I also plan to begin to transitioning our family into clean eating. Ya know little to no preservatives, grass fed meat, organic, all that jazz. I just have to get Mr. Spouse on board. This route seems to always be pricey. This was also something we talked about doing as a family when I was preggo.

Well that's all folks. Sorry no recipes, no cute toddler craft projects. Hopefully, I can get some of that up soon after my fast and I see the light on how to balance it all. I hope you enjoyed my totally random post.

If you are reading this and you knew me well pre-baby you are probably like WHO THE HECK WRITES THIS BLOG. Well folks it's me....the new me anyway :)