Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tip Tuesday

Flocabulary is awesome. This will be my first year in 4th grade but I used it for Math in 2nd grade. They have it for Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Vocabulary. My kids loved the Tens song. I always made sure that they learned the words before I really let them break it down. They would get so into the beat and just start having dance offs and not really saying the words. The promise of getting to break it down once they learned the concept and words was great incentive.

Also, I just found this video floating around pinterest. So funny and the DMSB was stuck in my head afterward.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday

Well most Texas teachers started their contracts today. It is Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin. I'll try to keep up the best I can. Today is Must Have Monday so I'll share a few of my must haves.

1. Document Camera
These are awesome. This is my first year to have the lady bug. At my old school I had a different kind that took up tons of space. Actually, last year I got the bright link. Ya know, like a Smart Board but this is a fair trade for the new job :) I'll happily downsize. If you're not familiar with these basically they replace the "old school" overhead projector type things. It makes modeling and guided practice 10 times easier.

2. Microwave
When you have a whopping 30 minutes for lunch and that includes escorting your kiddos and picking them up, waiting in line to microwave your food is simply not an option. Well, not for me anyway! Also, I usually eat oatmeal every morning and sometimes pop popcorn during conference time.

3. Discovery Education

Our district has a subscription to this and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You can filter to find videos on almost any topic according to grade, full video, segments, content. The Math videos are pretty awesome and so are the Social Studies. And...they have like every single Magic School Bus movie on there. Oh and Time Warp Trio, oh and Maya and Miguel, oh and Kenny the Shark. Perfect videos for those indoor recess days. Last year I figured out they had the Reading Rainbow videos! That made me BEYOND excited. It gave me a whole nutha reason to love those inside recess days. The math videos are good to use for your "hook". The kids get all in to it. Mine would get carried away and start yelling at the characters that were problem solving.

4.  A Fun Environment and Faculty

If you can have fun and be happy on the job then you will get the best results. This is a group of old co-workers at a team mates wedding. We were making crazy faces. This is one of my favorite pictures lol. I'm sure they'll send me lovely text later for posting this :)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Made it Monday

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Yes, I know technically right now it's Sunday. Tomorrow my contract begins and it's time to get back to work. I've started working on a few school related things. I'm sure you'll start seeing more "crayon" related post instead of "chicken" or "diapers". Tonight is a mix of all three. I thought I would link up w/Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for the first time and share what I've made.

Made it #1

I'm starting a new school and new grade this year. My class is painted yellow so I thought I would go off that to accent. I decided to add little touches of gray, yellow, and white. I didn't want anything "themey" just some pops of color here and there. This is a little canvas art project I did. I'm thinking I'll put it near my desk. I just got a 5pk of canvas mats from Michael's and went to my trusted friend decoupage. I also did a little spray paint art with a doily. I didn't have any pinspiration so after I made them I just kinda flipped them around until I thought it looked artsy.

Made it # 2

Baby girl has to start daycare this week since I'm back to work. I wanted to start her out earning brownie points. I hate getting gifts from students said no teacher ever :) I wanted it to be more thoughtful than time consuming. Yes, I could of done something all fancy in word and made it prettier. I got the little boxes from the dollar spot at Target. I cut out a little circle and wrote: Every successful classroom needs: love, patience, caffeine, and chocolate. In my mind I thought that sounded pretty on target. On the back it says looking forward to a great year! Love, Layla Grayce. I filled the boxes with mini candy bars and of course some good 'ol Dr. Pepper.

Made it #3

I've seen these floating all around pinterest. But, when I thought about my go to treat it wasn't anything out there that fit me. So, I took a look at the original and played around and made my own. I think it's pretty okay.

Made it #4

Baby girl needs to wear shoes to school each day. At first I thought no biggie seeing how she has a shoe wall in her nursery and all. Well, apparently her shoes weren't made for walking. She has a small foot for her size so she wears a 6-9mos. None of the shoes had a grip. She just slipped and fell all over the place. I didn't Mr. Hubs didn't want all the shoes to go to waste. So, I headed back to Michael's and got some puff paint. I put it on the bottoms of all her shoes and let it dry over night. Now, we can say they are made for walking :)

Made it #5

These are 3 ingredient and 3 steps Ranch Pork Chops. Mr. Hubs loves these. They are super easy. Hopefully, I'll have time to post a how-to later this week. I came up with this after the slow cooking explosion version on pinterest. I forgot to put them in the slow cooker one day and had to bake them instead.

Made it #6

Finally, this yummy brownie. Mr. Hubs said this was the best brownie I ever made. They were yummy but my heart still belongs to Slutty Brownies. I shared some with our family but the pan was still gone w/i 24hrs.( Remember the baked goods sign above?) This is a recipe from pioneer woman.

Alright, that's all for tonight. It's time to get started on Insanity (baked goods obsession, remember...) if I survive you'll hear from me again soon. :)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toddler Friendly Pasta

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I have a new recipe I want to share with y'all! My sweet girl isn't really a picky eater. But there are things that are harder for her to eat than others. You know like spaghetti! So one day I thought to myself, how can I still have my spaghetti that I love and something that's easy for baby girl. Then I figured it out, shells! Yes, shells and peas because she loves those. Here is the recipe, I won't keep ya waiting any longer.


About 8oz of medium pasta shells
1 jar of your favorite tomato basil marinara sauce
Italian seasoning
seasoned salt ( I use Lawry's)
2 cups of peas
1 lb ground beef meat

I cook for 2 adults and a baby so this makes enough for our family to have left overs.

The first thing you want to is get your pasta started and cook according to the directions on the box.

Next, you need to brown your ground beef, make sure to add in your  seasoning to taste. Mr. Hubs is big on flavorful meat. If you haven't tried Lawry's Seasoning Salt you need to buy some, pronto. It adds so much flavor. I prefer it to regular salt. I sprinkle with a heavy hand. I don't have exact measurements for the seasoning. I go up and back down the meat with the seasoning salt and pepper. I do it double for the Italian. Yep, those are legit measuring terms. :) You don't want to skim on this it really adds great flavor.

After my meat has browned I add in the sauce and the peas. We are pea eaters big time! That's why I used 2 cups, baby girl eats them like I eat baked goods. By the handful that is :)

I let this cook just long enough to warm the sauce. I cheat and pop the peas in the microwave ahead of time. That's all folks! Put it in a bowl, add a fork, and get ya grub on!!

This picture may not do it justice. I mean I'm a wanna be chef not professional photographer. :) Go ahead pin it now and enjoy later. This recipe is toddler tested and husband approved!

I plan on sharing this recipe on the sites below.


Friday, August 3, 2012

20 Dinner Menu Ideas Under $200

Last month I wrote about the frustrations of grocery shopping. I made a big list of meal ideas. This month I gave the once a month shopping a go. I created my menu, made a list, and headed to the grocery store w/my sweet girl tagging along. She was a trooper! It was quit a haul.

I planned for 20 dinners, 3 lunch choices, 4 breakfast choices, and 2 desserts. I also picked up a few household items and treats for Layla. I figured we will go out to eat a few times and at least have left overs from something once a week. Layla is the only one that eats breakfast/lunch daily on a regular breakfast. So I didn't have to buy to much of that. My grand total was $195. I almost fell over. Just two weeks ago my husband grabbed enough for about 8 dinners only and spent $130. Now, I will say that we already had 2 pounds of ground beef and 2 packs of pork chops in the freezer. So that saved a little money. I spent about $155 at Wal-mart and $40 on chicken from the farm. (We're trying something new w/meat starting this month.)

I'll leave you with my list of meals for the month of August.

Dinner Ideas

       1.       Cabbage Rolls w/green beans

2.       Pita bread sandwiches

3.       Oven toasted Ravioli w/salad

4.       Tacos

5.       Baked Ranch pork chops w/garlic potatoes and peas

6.       Lemon pepper chicken w/peas and pasta

8.       Tuna sandwiches w/chips

9.       Meatloaf w/peas and rice

10.   Baked pork chops w/rice and green beans

11.   BBQ chicken w/peas and mashed potatoes

12.   Fish tacos

14.   Italian breaded pork chops w/black eyed peas and corn

15.   Chili dogs w/chips

16.   Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos w/ranch salsa

17.   Sloppy joes w/peas and corn

18.   Talapia w/potatoes and green beans

20.   Burgers w/sweet potatoes

Breakfast options






Lunch options



Lunch meat



Knock you naked brownies

I can't wait to try these brownies! These sound A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! (That was my inner fat kid singing to you about food.) I think I'm developing a small crush on pioneer woman. Not really, but ya know what I mean jelly bean :) :)