Monday, March 4, 2013

Biography Scrapbook Projects

Alright, I think it's time for a crayon post! We just finished the CUTEST project. Just in case you don't remember I teach Texas History. We just finished a unit on the Texas Revolution.  Ya know the Alamo and all that jazz. I kinda found this part of our history ironic. We agreed to move to "Mexico", learn their language and practice their religion. Then we get here and are like nah this whole Spanish Catholic thing isn't really working out for me. Can you please change your laws? No, well ok guess we're gonna fight. If today's immigrants tried that with current Texans how well do you think that would go??? Anywho.. back to the projects. I originally wanted to have the kiddos create a Facebook page. I searched and searched and searched and found nothing to my liking. So then, I kept thinking and thinking and thinking. BAM scrapbook popped in my head. I did a Google search. I found this and used it as my foundation. I work with 4th graders so I made my instructions a bit more detailed. I told them exactly what to put on the cover page and pages 1-4. They came out oober doober cute. I'll go through the page requirements with you.

Cover Page- Texas Hero Name, Student's Name, Social Studies Block, and Homeroom
Page 1: Timeline of your hero's life
I love how she made out foldable for her timeline.
Page 2: Create a written correspondence pretending that you are your hero writing to a loved one during the revolution.
Page 3: Pretend that you went back in time and interviewed your hero about the Revolution. You have to ask at least 4 questions.

I love how he made it like a real newspaper artifact!
Page 4: Character Traits- create a bubble map with a picture of your hero in the center. You need at least 4 traits to describe your hero.
I gave the students the option to create extra pages if they wanted. I told them sky is the limit whatever they would like to do. This little girl had twice as many pages as she needed. My favorite was the family tree. It was very creative.
I didn't require them to actually buy a real scrapbook. The Sam Houston project used a real book. The Davy Crockett project used scrapbook paper, hole punched it, and added 2 metal rings to bind it all. I was TRUELY amazed with these projects. This was a take home end of unit project. If needed a provided 5 pieces of plain card stock and 2 metal rings. The kids did such a great job. If I had time I could easily show you another 90 books as examples. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to scrapbook!
I plan to share this idea with other teachers at Fourth Grade Frolics.





  1. Love these ideas! I want to do some of this at home about the kids ancestors! I am also one of your newest followers. I would love to have you come and visit my blog!

  2. What are the odds? I put Biography Scrapbook pages on my Monday Made It as well AND I'm a Texas girl! I LOVED Texas history when I was in school but now I'm in Florida and their history just isn't the same ;o). They look great!

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  3. What an awesome idea! We are starting a biography project soon. I'll be stealing some of these ideas!


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