Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toddler Summer Schedule pt duex

***UPDATE- It was just brought to my attention that I forgot to set the lesson plan settings to share. It is now availabe to download. So Sorry!!***

So I made a quick snippet about my plans for little princess this summer. Well I'm just gonna be honest I've sucked at it. I've tried to stick to the daily activities but the Tot School section has been lacking. I mean we did it but I know I could of done better. For example to practice the colors I just had her pick up a certain color ball and throw it. Lazyness at it's finest. Then I saw this awesome link on pinterest. This amazing woman named Alison from Oopsey Daisy has created files called Mommy School. The documents are like 50+ pages and they are FREE, yes FREE. I know what you are thinking. Umm... your a teacher, can you not create your own lesson plans. And yes, yes, I can but frankly I do that 176 days of the year. AND... ya know the famous line about teachers: beg, borrow, and steal don't reinvent the wheel! So I thought this was perfect. I will just take some of these activities and plug them into what we are already doing. Before I knew it, I had a full blown dang lesson plan in front of me. When I was all done it was a WTF did you seriously just lesson plan your toddler. Well folks, yes, yes I did. I figured since I did it might as well share it. So w/o further ado here ya go! The unit is called Z is for Zoo. Stop by the creators blog and check out all her units. I simply just plugged them into what I already had planned. :)
A weeks worth of Z is for Zoo from Oopsy Daisy Combined w/my summer schedule. click here


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