Sunday, August 19, 2012

Made it Monday

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Yes, I know technically right now it's Sunday. Tomorrow my contract begins and it's time to get back to work. I've started working on a few school related things. I'm sure you'll start seeing more "crayon" related post instead of "chicken" or "diapers". Tonight is a mix of all three. I thought I would link up w/Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for the first time and share what I've made.

Made it #1

I'm starting a new school and new grade this year. My class is painted yellow so I thought I would go off that to accent. I decided to add little touches of gray, yellow, and white. I didn't want anything "themey" just some pops of color here and there. This is a little canvas art project I did. I'm thinking I'll put it near my desk. I just got a 5pk of canvas mats from Michael's and went to my trusted friend decoupage. I also did a little spray paint art with a doily. I didn't have any pinspiration so after I made them I just kinda flipped them around until I thought it looked artsy.

Made it # 2

Baby girl has to start daycare this week since I'm back to work. I wanted to start her out earning brownie points. I hate getting gifts from students said no teacher ever :) I wanted it to be more thoughtful than time consuming. Yes, I could of done something all fancy in word and made it prettier. I got the little boxes from the dollar spot at Target. I cut out a little circle and wrote: Every successful classroom needs: love, patience, caffeine, and chocolate. In my mind I thought that sounded pretty on target. On the back it says looking forward to a great year! Love, Layla Grayce. I filled the boxes with mini candy bars and of course some good 'ol Dr. Pepper.

Made it #3

I've seen these floating all around pinterest. But, when I thought about my go to treat it wasn't anything out there that fit me. So, I took a look at the original and played around and made my own. I think it's pretty okay.

Made it #4

Baby girl needs to wear shoes to school each day. At first I thought no biggie seeing how she has a shoe wall in her nursery and all. Well, apparently her shoes weren't made for walking. She has a small foot for her size so she wears a 6-9mos. None of the shoes had a grip. She just slipped and fell all over the place. I didn't Mr. Hubs didn't want all the shoes to go to waste. So, I headed back to Michael's and got some puff paint. I put it on the bottoms of all her shoes and let it dry over night. Now, we can say they are made for walking :)

Made it #5

These are 3 ingredient and 3 steps Ranch Pork Chops. Mr. Hubs loves these. They are super easy. Hopefully, I'll have time to post a how-to later this week. I came up with this after the slow cooking explosion version on pinterest. I forgot to put them in the slow cooker one day and had to bake them instead.

Made it #6

Finally, this yummy brownie. Mr. Hubs said this was the best brownie I ever made. They were yummy but my heart still belongs to Slutty Brownies. I shared some with our family but the pan was still gone w/i 24hrs.( Remember the baked goods sign above?) This is a recipe from pioneer woman.

Alright, that's all for tonight. It's time to get started on Insanity (baked goods obsession, remember...) if I survive you'll hear from me again soon. :)


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