Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toddler Friendly Pasta

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I have a new recipe I want to share with y'all! My sweet girl isn't really a picky eater. But there are things that are harder for her to eat than others. You know like spaghetti! So one day I thought to myself, how can I still have my spaghetti that I love and something that's easy for baby girl. Then I figured it out, shells! Yes, shells and peas because she loves those. Here is the recipe, I won't keep ya waiting any longer.


About 8oz of medium pasta shells
1 jar of your favorite tomato basil marinara sauce
Italian seasoning
seasoned salt ( I use Lawry's)
2 cups of peas
1 lb ground beef meat

I cook for 2 adults and a baby so this makes enough for our family to have left overs.

The first thing you want to is get your pasta started and cook according to the directions on the box.

Next, you need to brown your ground beef, make sure to add in your  seasoning to taste. Mr. Hubs is big on flavorful meat. If you haven't tried Lawry's Seasoning Salt you need to buy some, pronto. It adds so much flavor. I prefer it to regular salt. I sprinkle with a heavy hand. I don't have exact measurements for the seasoning. I go up and back down the meat with the seasoning salt and pepper. I do it double for the Italian. Yep, those are legit measuring terms. :) You don't want to skim on this it really adds great flavor.

After my meat has browned I add in the sauce and the peas. We are pea eaters big time! That's why I used 2 cups, baby girl eats them like I eat baked goods. By the handful that is :)

I let this cook just long enough to warm the sauce. I cheat and pop the peas in the microwave ahead of time. That's all folks! Put it in a bowl, add a fork, and get ya grub on!!

This picture may not do it justice. I mean I'm a wanna be chef not professional photographer. :) Go ahead pin it now and enjoy later. This recipe is toddler tested and husband approved!

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  1. Heck, that pasta is 22-year old friendly! It looks really yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Yum! :) That looks really really good.
    Stopping by from Totally Tasty Tuesday