Friday, September 28, 2012


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Sorry y'all, long time no post. I can't really say I have an excuse. I've been oober tired and for good reason but just TMI for blog land. Anywho, I thought I'd post a random post of the things currently flowing through my mind. This is super long and makes up for the recent neglect. :)

Currently, I'm loving the little kid Ragu commercials. Mr. Spouse pointed them out to me and honestly at first I was a little shocked. But, I got over it and now it makes me chuckle big time. This is my favorite one.
Currently, I'm loving me some Maroon 5. Mr. Spouse did not know who they were and I about fell over. I had to make him listen to their Pandora station. I'm so loving the beat of this song. So catchy. Sorry about the ad but trust me the song is awesome and Adam is pretty good eye candy too. It's worth the wait. :)
Currently, loving my friends so much! About 2 years ago when I got engaged I thought my world was over. My "friends" were just being not supportive at all. It was like the wedding was a chore. I didn't even have a single bridal party person at my bachelorette. This was oober hard for me. If you know me well, you know I give 1000% trying to please others and keep everyone happy. I never ask for anything in return. But then... my "co-workers" came along and reassured me and showed me what real friendship was all about. This summer I actually thought to myself I can't believe I'm almost 30 and just experiencing the bliss of true friendship.People that give just as much as me and w/o thinking about it. I love these gals. :) The only thing that blows is that we all took new jobs so we don't get to see each other every day.
Currently, I'm loving my new school. It is so laid back. Totally, the polar opposite of my old school. I mean the principal has really high expectations. But, he has such a genuine passion for children that it softens the blow. Y'all he called working with kids his ministry. I'm in love...
Currently, I'm into watching Iyanla: Fix My Life. It comes on OWN. I told Mr. Spouse I should probably sign my family up for that show. We would triple her ratings. I know everyone says that about their family. But really once again if you know me well you know I always win this category hands down. I decided I didn't care enough at the moment to fix it so I won't contact her just yet. :)
Currently, hating mosquitoes with a passion. I know hate is a strong word but seriously they are pissing me off! They keep getting into my house. I think me and baby girl have at least 10 bites b/t the two of us. I'm praying they are good bites. There have been lots of cases of West Nile in our metroplex. I told Mr. Spouse if I see the mosquito camping out here I'm going to kill the shit  crap out of it. He pointed out there was only one way to kill them. HA!
Currently, I'm noticing my husband is a hoarder. He brings home all kinds of things his well off clients don't want anymore. I have 2 jet skis in my garage, a golf cart behind my back house in the back yard, about 2 grill things, and a box of Christmas lights in the foyer. Oh and the furniture in our master bedroom is way to big for our house but came from someones storage and was brand new. Oh and how could I forget my super eye sore TV. I have a 70 inch TV sitting in my living room. I hate that too. It takes up SO much space. Someone wanted a new one so my hubs happily snatched up their one. I told him one day I'm going to call the mission and it will all be gone when he gets home.
Now, with that said I will say every once in a while he brings home something I like. I noticed this little baby in the corner one day last week.
It's super awesome! It's so maneuvers greatly! Also, it's cordless. You just keep it on the charger until you're ready for it. It also has a little detachable handheld mini vacuum too. It is so light! I grabbed it to clean up little princess' dinner mess. But, I got all carried away and couldn't stop vacuuming.
Currently, I'm laughing every time I see this floating around pinterest. It is totally my life. Now all my friends have kids or are trying to have kids. I tried shoppings at Charolette Russe and had to go up to sizes than my normal size b/c I have birthing hips now. And..I don't know about the hangover part. I don't drink enough to know if it's true. I think at this point if I did drink that much I would be in big trouble w/Mr. Hubs. He did his time with those days. :)
Well, that's all folks. I promise I'll post again soon. This weekend to be exact. :)



  1. What in the world am I doing in that picture?? I did not know that existed! Thanks for the updated. I enjoyed the laughs.

    1. haha I know right! When I saw it I was like this is totally my world right now.

  2. Glad my husband is not the only hoarder out there. My collects technology stuff (is the nice word for it) from work. We have a closet full wires and cables that just sit there. I enjoyed your Currently! Also love the background of your blog. I puffy heart orange!!

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. I love the ecard at the bottom!! I'm 25 and I've just hit that stage of my social life! AH!

    Go to bed! :-) Us teachers need a few more hours a day for work!

    Second Grade Nest>

  4. Ugghh, my hubby is in construction and brings home everything! It's like Sanford and Son! Uh, oh, I might be dating myself with that one, lol!!

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Ha, that's funny! I don't think my hubs has gotten that bad yet but he's working on it. :)