Sunday, September 30, 2012

Social Studies Stations

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I'm loving my job. But I will admit, I can't let go of the other subjects so easily. I decided to try out stations in Social Studies. I mean if you can have them for Reading, Science, and Math then why not Social Studies right?!?!? Also, for the last four years my Fridays have always been laid back. We always assessed for each subject on Friday at my other school. I taught 2nd grade and it was the way we made sure we actually had paper pencil grades. I want my laid back Fridays back. :) So we've tried stations out twice and it went well both times. went well with 4 out of 5 blocks. So one unlucky group has only done stations one time. We have 4 stations and we spend about 7-8 minutes at each station. I set the timer and when it beeps they rotate. I split the desk into 4 groups and lay all the materials at for each group on the desk. The only thing they take around with them is a pencil and a dry erase marker. I'll walk you through each station. 
Station 1: Vocabulary Review

I create a vocabulary crossword. I use words we've covered throughout the week. The clues are the definitions. That's it! Easy enough and the kids like to do it.

Station 2: Social Studies Problem Solving
I use vocabulary that we've covered to review math skills. I've heard the math teacher say they need practice with subtracting. I place four problems out on the table and white boards. The markers travel with them. They divide the board into a four square and show their work. That way whenever I get to that station I can look over all their work.

Station 3: Making Words

This is probably my favorite station. I'm just a ELA girl at heart. I take a word that we've covered and they have to make as many words with it as they can. The word has to have at least 3 letters and can't be a proper noun. The only reason I made that rule is b/c originally they just kept trying to spell each others names. It's fun to watch them problem solve and try trail and error. The writing teacher has said spelling sight words is an issue so hopefully this will help a little...eventually.

Station 4: Number of the Day

This really has nothing to do with Social Studies. Before my I start my lesson with each block every day I have to do a math review warm up. So this is just a little added math practice. I found these for free here. Well that's all I have for now. I am sharing these ideas with other teachers here and here.

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  1. I like your stations, and I love how organized you are! Thanks for linking up again this week.