Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dinner Menu Ideas for September

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The once of a month grocery shop last month was totally awesome and cheap. Although, I did find myself going back to the grocery store for things like fruit and bread.The hardest part was doing it with a toddler. She was definitely a trooper! The best part about the menu was that I didn't make anything the same the whole month. So this month I just took things we really liked and added them to the menu for this month. My favorite were the Italian Breaded Pork chops. Micah liked the Knock You Naked Brownies. We eat a lot of brownies in this house and these were his all time favorite. I had to make myself share with 2 other families so we wouldn't eat them all in 2 days. I'm pretty sure we demolished the half I didn't share in 2 days. Y'all I seriously made my menu list for the whole month in like 5 minutes or less. This storing all your meal ideas in one place was one of my best ideas. I'll share my ideas for this month with you guys and hyperlink the recipes. Bon appetit!

1.       Taco salad

2.       Baked Ranch pork chops

3.       Lemon pepper chicken

4.       Penne w/chicken sausage and tomatoes

5.       Tuna sandwiches

6.       Italian Meatloaf

8.       BBQ chicken

9.       Chicken Jambalaya

10.   Dirty Rice

12.   Chili dogs

14.   Sloppy Joes

15.   Potato chip chicken nuggets

20.   Layered Enchiladas





Sausage and Egg Burritos







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