Monday, December 31, 2012

Online Stories for Toddlers

I try to read with the little princess everyday. It's a part of our bedtime routine. Sometimes when she stays up later than usual we quickly say prayers and skip the book. At that point, she is not into reading a book. A friend of mine posted on FB a while back(yes Gomez if you're reading this I'm talking about you) that her hubby told her not to call b/c their son is watching youtube on the phone. I found it wildly hilarious and then I thought to myself what the heck is a 1yr old watching on youtube. So... I opened youtube and began to explore. Then I thought guh duh!! He's watching the same stories I read to little princess. So, I called little princess over and we started to watch. At this point she wasn't watching TV yet. We just started letting her watch TV late this fall. Anywho... I started looking for my favorite books. I'll share the videos that I like below. I have to say, the one wierd thing was when you've sang a song a million times or read a book and then you hear it read differently. It totally throws me off. :) I hope you and your little tots enjoy the book videos.

50 Below
Love you forever

Pete the Cat
I also have a double bonus for you. :) I mentioned above about letting little princess watch TV. The only shows we let her watch are Barney, Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse Club. She really isn't a fan of Sesame Street yet. But she LOVES Barney because of all the singing and dancing. And she really doesn't care for Mickey Mouse Club she just likes the Hotdog song. So pretty much she just likes to watch Barney and that's fine with me. She even holds on to me and rocks side to side to the I love you song. And... gives hugs and kisses on the right part. SO STINKIN CUTE! I found the songs on youtube and they play over and over again. On the Hotdog song she waves buy to Mickey each time at the end of the song, starts to whine b/c she knows it's over, and then gets excited when she sees it's starting over. Kinda funny

Barney I Love You Song 15 times back to back

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song 5X back to back
I big puffy heart Robert Munsch!!


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