Friday, August 3, 2012

20 Dinner Menu Ideas Under $200

Last month I wrote about the frustrations of grocery shopping. I made a big list of meal ideas. This month I gave the once a month shopping a go. I created my menu, made a list, and headed to the grocery store w/my sweet girl tagging along. She was a trooper! It was quit a haul.

I planned for 20 dinners, 3 lunch choices, 4 breakfast choices, and 2 desserts. I also picked up a few household items and treats for Layla. I figured we will go out to eat a few times and at least have left overs from something once a week. Layla is the only one that eats breakfast/lunch daily on a regular breakfast. So I didn't have to buy to much of that. My grand total was $195. I almost fell over. Just two weeks ago my husband grabbed enough for about 8 dinners only and spent $130. Now, I will say that we already had 2 pounds of ground beef and 2 packs of pork chops in the freezer. So that saved a little money. I spent about $155 at Wal-mart and $40 on chicken from the farm. (We're trying something new w/meat starting this month.)

I'll leave you with my list of meals for the month of August.

Dinner Ideas

       1.       Cabbage Rolls w/green beans

2.       Pita bread sandwiches

3.       Oven toasted Ravioli w/salad

4.       Tacos

5.       Baked Ranch pork chops w/garlic potatoes and peas

6.       Lemon pepper chicken w/peas and pasta

8.       Tuna sandwiches w/chips

9.       Meatloaf w/peas and rice

10.   Baked pork chops w/rice and green beans

11.   BBQ chicken w/peas and mashed potatoes

12.   Fish tacos

14.   Italian breaded pork chops w/black eyed peas and corn

15.   Chili dogs w/chips

16.   Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos w/ranch salsa

17.   Sloppy joes w/peas and corn

18.   Talapia w/potatoes and green beans

20.   Burgers w/sweet potatoes

Breakfast options






Lunch options



Lunch meat



Knock you naked brownies

I can't wait to try these brownies! These sound A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! (That was my inner fat kid singing to you about food.) I think I'm developing a small crush on pioneer woman. Not really, but ya know what I mean jelly bean :) :)


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